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Sep 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
people here since the apathy of the season. in two dozen 8 obama 1 over 95 percent of black voters. and he's expected to win another majority again. he can afford to lose much of that voting base. the president recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. >>> that's a touchy issue >>> mitt romney as more money which once barred man from who were african american to and from becoming a priest. >>> i believe what they can do the people, they can do to affect change in our nation is what's most important. >>> this is about right this is about rights w r and cheats. >>> most is just to get people to stop and think about what's really at stake. >>> there's a lot riding on enthusiasm. >>> the real dilemma of the president is if enough of those people bothered out to shop and vote. it did bother to make a difference. >>> i think this to get excited because this is a real opportunity for the force to be heard. >>> in berkeley and mackovic cbs five. >>> gas prices have risen 5¢ in the past week recorded triple a the national price of gas is $3.87 a gallon is up 16¢ from a month ago price
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1